Bee Swarm in Flat-Roofed Building to be Removed and Re-homed (Video).

With a full range of beekeeping and bee removal equipment, Abacus Beekeeper Bee Removal provides the safe, live and environmentally friendly, removal and rehoming of honeybee swarms and colonies, from man-made or natural locations. Based in Wellington Somerset, we cover the whole of the south-west of England

We always try to relocate honeybees and prevent them from returning, without causing any harm to the colony.

In the video below, Kevin Wendt explains the discovery of a swarm of bees in the ceiling of an old night-watchman’s office and how they will be carefully removed and re-homed in a hive.

To find out more about our harmless bee removal service, please visit our Beekeeper Bee Removal website.

Humane Bee Nest Removal

At Abacus Construction we have a niche area of expertise: humane bee nest removal.

If you find a bees nest in your property call us on 01823 664509 for safe and humane removal of the swarm.

Abacus Beekeeper Bee Removal provides a unique combination of beekeeping and property knowledge. Our beekeepers, Kevin, Shane and Dave have been keeping bees for a number of years. With Kevin’s building knowledge at the helm of Abacus Construction, and a full range of bee keeping and bee removal equipment, he can ensure that bees that have made their home in any property can be safely removed, with no harm to the bees or the property!

We’ve just added some recent photos of Shane and Dave at work.

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