Topsoil Enhancement & Screening

At Abacus Sand & Stone we supply decorative aggregates, decorative gravel, blue slate chippings, pea shingle, pea gravel, sharp sand, scalpings, building sand and other building supplies, garden pebbles and other decorative stones, plus many more types of bulding materials and garden aggregates including high quality topsoil.

Here are two videos, one showing our topsoil and topsoil enhancer, and another showing the screening process which breaks down the larger clods of soil, and removes stones, roots and other unwanted matter.

To find out more and order aggregates, sabd, and topsoil, please visit the Sand & Stone Taunton website.

3 Sized Tumbled Edge Block Paving At The Rear Of St. George’s Church, Taunton

Abacus Construction can produce paved drives and pathways using a variety of materials and styles, from herringbone block paving, tumbled edge paving, granite sets, and many more.

Here is a recent example of 3 sized tumbled edge block paving that we laid at the rear of St. George’s Church, Taunton.

To see more examples of paving, please visit our Paving, Patios and Driveways website.

Installation and Extension of Dropped Kerbs

Abacus Construction are able to installl and extend dropped kerbs to allow vehicular access to property. We’ve recently published a leaflet which we’ve added to our relevant websites and have also published it here for infromation.


A vehicle dropped kerb – also called a dropped crossing – is a section of pavement or verge built to allow access to a property.

There are 3 main kerbs as follows:

  1. Full Kerb – see photo below, this is the normal kerb along the side of the road that means you need to step down (or up) when crossing the road
  • Drop Kerb – also known as a Flat Kerb (see drawing below), as its name suggests this is a kerb that is flat to the surface of the road & allows easier crossing for vehicles.
  • Splay Kerb – also known as a Taper Kerb (see drawing below), these go either side of the drop kerb

What is needed before a Dropped Kerb can be installed or extended?

A Section 184 Licence is required to install or extend a dropped kerb to a property. 

This licence is issued by the Highways department of the local council.  Applications typically take about a month to process and involve notifying those that have services (eg power, communications etc) that could be in the area (these are called Statutory Undertakings).   

Abacus are happy to quote to manage this process for you, make the application and approach Statutory Undertakings, submit the various notices etc.

In order to submit the application the following key pieces of information are required:

  • The number of drop kerbs (or flat kerbs) & splays (or tapered kerbs).  There are limits on the number of drop kerbs you can have, this is normally 4 drops & 2 splays as per the diagram below.

Layout of a typical single vehicle access crossing

  • Site Plan – this can be a photograph, of the front of the property, marked on this photos (ideally in red) the proposed position of the dropped kerb
  • Neighbouring property – there are regulations concerning the number of drop kerbs between properties.  This is so that pedestrians are not constantly going up and down along a piece of pavement, which could be difficult for those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.  If there are less than 3 full drop kerbs between neighbouring properties then the kerb between may have to also be dropped to form a continuous line of dropped kerbs.
  • Junction close by?  Again there is a requirement that the access must be more than 10M from a junction (15M on major road & busy junctions)
  • Street Furniture/drains etc – these may have to be moved or changed to allow access
  • Traffic Management – depending on the road situation it may be necessary for more formal traffic management to be used (eg traffic lights) or in some cases a road closure.  If a road closure is necessary a Section 50 licence will need to be obtained (this can take several months and needs to be in place before the Section 184 can be applied for – there are additional costs associated with this).

What do you need to do?

In order for Abacus to provide you with a quote for a drop kerb please supply the following photograph (these will be used in the event that the work is awarded to Abacus & you require us to apply for the Section 184 licence for you):

  1. Standing across the road directly in front of the property– if you can indicate on the pavement where you would like the drop kerb to be situated (place something on the pavement, eg pair of cones, bag etc each side).  Place the objects either end of where you would like the splay to start and finish – see drawing below of where to mark
  • Photo(s) of the  boundary of property on both sides,  showing clearly the existing kerbs, so that we can see how many full kerbs there are between the properties – this example we can clearly see the neighbour on the left but it’s not so clear how the property joins on the right hand side (the other side of the garage)

This following photo shows the number of kerbs between neighbours.

  1. If there is any street furniture/drains/trees on the pavement etc please ensure they are shown in the photos

Rendering Repair after Damage by Tractor

Rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall.

We can provide a wide range of render finishes (fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted) to improve the appearance and protection of a wall. The different finishes can be achieved by using different tools such as trowels, sponges, or brushes.

Render can be applied over brickwork to protect it, or over blockwork to improve the appearance.

Recently we were asked to repair the render on the corner of a building that had been damaged by a tractor. Now it’s as good as new!


> Visit our Brickwork and Rendering website for more exmaples of what we can do.

Deep Drainage Job near the Bus Station, Yeovil

We can accomplish large scale commercial and agricultural land drainage projects with our own heavy plant and equipment. We can install French drains to help take water away from areas where it pools.

We’ve recently completed a deep drainage job near Yeovil bus station:-

> Visit our Drainage website to see more examples of drainge projects.

Artificial Grass Is A Great Solution When The Real Thing Is Impractical

Artificial grass may sometimes seem like an unnatural way to landscape an area, but in some situations, it’s the best alternative. School play areas are one example. Where constant use would turn real grass into mud and require expensive upkeep, artificial grass is hard-wearing and requires little or no maintenance.

Plus, artificial grass has improved over the years to the point where it is only possible to tell it from the real thing at close inspection.

Abacus Construction can provide and install artificial grass for your school, garden or commercial land.

To prove how realistic artificial grass can be, here are some photos. *

Photo courtesy of Trulawn
Photo courtesy of Trulawn

Visit our Building In Schools, Groundworks, and Landscaping websites to see examples of projects where Acacus Construction has provided and installed artificial grass.

Security Fencing Between A Church & A School

Abacus Construction supply a full range of security fencing, including galvanised and powder coated palisade fencing and wrought iron fencing, for both private and commercial customers. We can also provide automatic security gates, plus a wide range of other types of access gates.

Here are some photos of a recent project were we erected new fencing between a Glastonbury school and church.

> Visit our dedicated fencing website for more informqation about what we can do.

Rebuilding A Stone Garden Wall

Abacus Construction are experienced at building and repairing stone walls and are English Heritage approved for repairing listed buildings.

Our expertise allows us to rebuild and improve old buildings such as barns when converting them into dwellings. We can use traditional methods such as lime mortar.

Here is a recent example of a traditional stone garden wall being rebuilt be our team.

> Visit our Brickwork & Rendering website

Resin-Bound Gravel Makes a Great Patio Surface

Abacus can produce paved patios using a variety of materials and styles, from herringbone block paving, tumbled edge paving, granite sets, Indian sandstone and many more.

Laying resin-bound gravel on self-draining tarmac is another way to create an excellent patio surface.

Here are some before and after photos of a recent project.

> Visit the Paving & Patios website

Humane Bee Nest Removal

At Abacus Construction we have a niche area of expertise: humane bee nest removal.

If you find a bees nest in your property call us on 01823 664509 for safe and humane removal of the swarm.

Abacus Beekeeper Bee Removal provides a unique combination of beekeeping and property knowledge. Our beekeepers, Kevin, Shane and Dave have been keeping bees for a number of years. With Kevin’s building knowledge at the helm of Abacus Construction, and a full range of bee keeping and bee removal equipment, he can ensure that bees that have made their home in any property can be safely removed, with no harm to the bees or the property!

We’ve just added some recent photos of Shane and Dave at work.

> Visit the Bee Removal website